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Only people’s issues.” biennial meeting, would return to throughout the weekend — a convention for women, organized by women, that kept insisting that the necessity of political action on behalf of women is a fantasy of the left.To the members of the National Federation of Republican Women, that’s not a contradiction.Shares of some health insurers closed higher on Friday after Mc Cain announced his opposition.

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Kansas Senator Jerry Moran and Alaska's Lisa Murkowski are undecided.The youngest woman to hold a state office in America took the stage in a Center City hotel ballroom to rapturous cheers from the crowd who had campaigned to get her there: the National Federation of Republican Women.Allison Ball, 36, told the assembled delegates — the women’s wing of the GOP, bedecked in Trump pins and American-flag scarves — how instrumental the women of the party had been in her successful campaign for Kentucky state treasurer.FILE PHOTO: President Donald Trump waves to the crowd after speaking at a rally for Senator Luther Strange at the Von Braun Centre in Huntsville, Alabama, U. REUTERS/Marvin Gentry By Amanda Becker WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U. President Donald Trump on Saturday blasted Senator John Mc Cain for dealing a possibly fatal blow to the latest Republican attempt to dismantle Obamacare.According to a new independent analysis, the bill awaiting a Senate vote could lead to 21 million fewer Americans having health insurance.NFRW members logged millions of volunteer hours during the campaign.

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