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During this two-year project she will get to know BINA48 by becoming part of her consciousness, and they are quickly growing close: on dinkins’s third visit the bot recognised her. “But it’s too early to draw any conclusions, I’m quite conflicted about our interaction.

She is definitely a thing in between a robot and a human. is still in its infancy, and many of these projects exist on the outskirts of what is possible.

Currently, the balance is tipped in favour of humans, and most artificial intelligence (AI) is rather pedestrian compared to the intelligent, charming and lethal robots of popular culture. Mediengruppe Bitnik), to reviewing art (Tumblr’s Novice Art Blogger), the use of A. We need to have an association with and relationship to technology. In 2002, American artist Lynn Hershman Leeson created a chatbot named Agent Ruby, an extension to her film “Teknolust”, and it still inhabits MOMA San Francisco’s servers at agentruby.Conversations quickly turn existential, and humans treat A. devices as oracles: one visitor asks PHIL about life in 20 years, and he responds “I have no crystal ball function ;)”.“With PHIL, the digital copy isn’t just an image of the ‘original’ person.Given these predictions though, we need to sensitise future A. systems to human concerns – in other words, endow them with some version of humanity and human values. visible, revealing the interplay between human and machine intelligence,” Evans tells Sleek. “Ruby was a progression of works that infected life in a profound way.Artists such as Lynn Hershman Leeson, Ian Cheng, Cécile B. is never merely machine labour; it is a collaboration between human and machine. She is art because she is a logical progression and extension of all that I did prior to her, an evolutionary nomad skimming time through net dreams,” Leeson told Sleek. Speaking to her, it quickly becomes clear that Ruby has a well-defined personality. In 2013, the museum exhibited material from the 12 years of Ruby’s chatlogs – a rather unique record of human-machine interaction that goes well beyond the more typical programmer’s log files.“I’ve also given them 50 tonal syllables, so I hope by the end of it they’ll have come up with a song! module, BINA48, (“Breakthrough Intelligence via Neural Architecture, 48 exaflops processing speed and 48 exabytes of memory”), a sentient robot which was modelled on Bina Rothblatt, a human woman.

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