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Seven-inch gold stiletto-heeled sandals pushed her height to six foot two inches, and she looked all tits and legs as she walked.

When she took her seat on a lounger she took great care to raise one knee high enough to give the guys a brief eyeful of bare pussy as she sat.

Her mass of wavy, dark-brown hair was piled on top of her head, to prevent it from obscuring her back.

She and Pete were married five years ago and are very happy together.

This night she was wearing a white linen dress with flared three-quarter sleeves and a very narrow V-neck that plunged to the base of her cleavage and revealed tantalizing glimpses of the curve of her breasts whenever one was stood to one side of her.

Her chosen outfit for this evening was the classic pleated tartan skirt, again barely covering her rear, with a soft, grey suede, long-sleeved shirt worn over the tiny skirt and unbuttoned to below her cleavage.

Four-inch wedge-heeled sandals completed the outfit and made her maybe an inch taller than me.

Steve and Wendy arrived simultaneously with Tom and Amanda a few minutes later, closely followed by Sue and Jake. I noticed that all of the women were carrying large bags in addition to their purses; I assumed that these must contain a change of clothing for the latter part of the evening.

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