Lyrics to the dating game


Sometimes previously unrevealed true feelings would be revealed when the video interviews were replayed.

The Comedy Company character Kylie Mole once appeared on Perfect Match.

I'll call you and we could have a drink together next week." (It presumably sounds very seductive in French! It turned out that when the romantic song had been playing in the waiting room Antoine's chances of getting a telephone number doubled.

52% of the women who heard the Cabrel song agreed to give their number compared to 28% of those who heard the 'neutral' song from Delerm.

She was then invited into a separate room to discuss the differences between two food products with a young man (actually Antoine).

This was done in the presence of the experimenters but they then left asking the man and woman to wait for a few minutes.

They also asked a group of women to rate the physical attractiveness of twelve men.

WWF professional wrestler Paul Roma also made an appearance on Perfect Match.

Over 80 women aged between 18 and 20 took part in the main experiment.

First, each woman listened to background music in a waiting room.

Perfect Match was produced by the Reg Grundy Organisation.

It originally aired on Network Ten for 30 minutes most weekdays from pm between 19.

In a previous experiment, they had shown how romantic songs played as background music in a flower shop encouraged men to spend more money.

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