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You can claim a deduction for stage make-up and products you use for removing stage make-up.Some brands of make-up sold in department stores are considered stage make-up, and some stage make-up stores sell make-up that is not grease-paint based.See also: If you operate your business from home and you maintain only one telephone – mobile or landline – you can claim part of your telephone rental and the cost of your business phone calls.If you use your phone – mobile or landline – solely for business (this would usually be a second phone) you can claim a deduction for its expenses.To find out if a tax agent is registered, contact the Tax Practitioners Board: au If you work from home, you can claim a deduction for the additional expenses you incur to run your office or room for business purposes.This can include electricity and cleaning costs, and part of the decline in value (depreciation) of equipment and fittings.

Only a registered tax agent can charge a fee to prepare and lodge your tax return, and you can only claim that fee as a tax deduction if the tax agent is registered.

The following factors can help you decide whether the area of your home you use has the character of a 'place of business'.

The area needs to be: If you maintain separate premises that you use solely for work, you can claim a deduction for all the expenses you incur in maintaining those premises.

If you own your home and use an area as a place of business, you can also claim a deduction for part of your rates, mortgage interest and other expenses.

However, capital gains tax will apply when you sell your home.

If you use a phone for both business and private calls, you can claim a deduction for business calls and part of the rental costs.

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