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It's because Asian women (Chinese, Korean, Japanese), are known for their loyalty and independence. What do you have to offer for an Asian (say Chinese) woman wanting to be your wife. I intend to send my children to private schools and hire tutors. So the white man needed a new trophy woman to parade around with. However, more and more Asians are going out with blacks, so white men are jealous again. Without wealth and education, no one cares about your big dick other than sluts that need a big stick for their flappy VAJS. The Black Men do not know what they are missing when they leave their Black Women for the White/Asian Women to parade around.

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I am a White Man and I just kicked my Asian Wife out and I chose to date a Black Woman.

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Some white women find black men more romantic than white men and there are a lot many white women who think that black men are more sensitive to their partner and their caring nature provide a protective shield to white women.

Whatever is the reason, we may help not only the American women looking for African men but we can be equally helpful for white women for find black men in the continent.

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