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Date autoformatting is about giving users more options.It allows users to exercise personal control over the way in which dates are presented.Does the Wikipedia community support the concept of date autoformatting?Scope Autoformatting is a way of marking up dates to allow registered users to choose their preferred display format.A second poll in late April will then be considered—if necessary—to look at how the results of the first poll will be implemented.Whilst comments from individual parties are extremely welcome, any threaded discussion will be moved to the talk page.However, several editors indicated their opposition to this change, at WT: MOSNUM and the talk pages of the editors who were unlinking dates.

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Any large-scale changes can be automated through the use of existing editing tools.

Beyond that goal, autoformatting enhances our ability to present a consistent date format.

At present, the Manual of Style allows dates to be formatted in either DMY or MDY style, based on regional usage and editorial consensus.

This is not a new concept; Wikipedia's existing system has been in use since 2003, and personalized date formats have been an option in operating systems for decades.

It is a natural extension of the trend toward increased user choice in how we interface with our computers, i Pods, mobile phones, and every other type of personal technology.

Other date formats are less commonly used in running text, but frequently used as input parameters to templates: 2009-03-11 (YMD an ISO-style format). It is a system that allows dates displayed in articles to automatically change to reflect a registered user's settings under "Special: Preferences/Date and time"; unregistered users (IPs) cannot access the preference settings.

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