Dating boyfriend for 3 years

For example one of her cousins was getting married and she wanted me to go to the wedding with her.My thought process was this: "weddings are stupid and boring, marriage is stupid so Im not going." honestly not realizing I was being a dick to her.Whenever I talk to my boyfriend about planning our future life together his answer is always the same: "You know that I love you and we already share money, an apartment, and (formerly) a car so what more do you need?" I am not sure if I absolutely want to be married, but I do know that I want our relationship to progress and move forward... I love my boyfriend very much, but for some time now we have been in a crossroad in our relationship and we are getting to the age when we have to decide to accept each other for who we are and accept our relationship for what it is, or make a decision to go our separate ways.

We really never fought and were so comfortable around eachother at all times and she wasnt the lying type.

Early on she would complain that poker and baseball were both more important to me than she was (and she was right and I really was a scumbag in that regard for the first year and a half or so, but I really did start making a lot more time for her in the last half of the relationship) At the time I really didn't think I would want to see her again, but even if we never ****ed again she really is a great person and I liked spending time with her, so I decided that I might like to see her again.

I talked to her a week later when i realized how much I missed her and that she had made me think about a lot of things I should have thought about earlier and I wanted to get back with her.

Well this year on feb 13th me and a freind who was moving away went out drinking till about 6 am, i went home and passed out until 8 or 9 pm.

She had called me and wanted to come over and was upset that I didnt even bother to wish her a happy valentines day, saying I didnt care about her enough etc.

It's great to have a relationship that is full of love, trust, and commitment, but at the end of the day if we don't share the same goals and if we don't want the same things out of life is the relationship really worth it?

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