Argentina dating relationships


Alejandro Gee is a tango teacher who did his graduate thesis in psychology on the effects of tango dance on mood.

He writes, "The posture of a person is not just a position that we are supposed to stand/dance in, but also a reflection of who we are.

Tango is one of the most beautiful, elegant, and sensual dance of modern times.

This is the first in a series of posts about how tango provides metaphors for our lives on and off the dance floor, especially as it relates to being single and/or in a relationship.

I hope they are relevant to you whether you dance or not. It can also teach us a lot about how to grow as people, individually and in relationship.

There's a reason that I, an author who writes about singleness and relationships, became captivated with tango almost three years ago and uprooted my life to live in the mecca of tango, Buenos Aires, for 8 months.

We are evolving new ways of being in a relationship. Quirkytogether is an invitation to look at romantic relationships with an open mind.

Or we will want to heal the mind and the emotions in order to be able to improve our dancing." I want to share the deeper resonances of tango as they relate being single and being in a relationship.

Specifically, about being quirkytogether, how to be solid and powerfully rooted in yourself, while being passionate connected to another.

The way we connect or the way we lead or follow are also a perfect reflection of our social, emotional and mental status.

Usually 10 minutes into the class you can tell more about a person's character or the relationship within a couple than you could after talking.

The search for balance and stability within yourself One of the most powerful searches in tango is the search for being in axis, or eje, as they say in Spanish.

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