Harris tweed label dating

What our clothes are made of, and where it comes from, has never been more important to ensure this preservation of this uniquely Scottish icon.In this story about the “LEE” Brand Name, we will combine the history of both the Lee Jeans and the Jackets Products they manufactured since these products actually evolved from the work wear clothing line the Lee Company started with after its inception. In 1926 Lee introduced slide fasteners on the bib overall straps to offer a better fit to the wearer. Later the words “UNION MADE” were included with the Lee Brand Name on many of its labels.

As a result, tweed has always played an important economic, cultural as well as a social role for the inhabitants of these islands.Finished rolls of cloth are submitted to an independent examiner, who certifies that the cloth conforms to the legal definitions as established by the HTA.Before the HTA stamps a bolt with the famous Orb, inspectors go over every yard of a length of cloth (usually 65 metres). In 1911, due to unreliable shipments from their suppliers, H. Lee Merchantile was prompted to produce their first line of work wear garments including the now famous vintage Lee Bib Overall. denim and had a multifunctional breast pocket with a button fly . Lee developed the “coverall” which combined the jacket with a bib overall being stitched together. This product, dubbed the “Union-All” was commissioned by the U. Army and was the official fatigue uniform during World War I. opened in 1889 as a wholesale quality grocer and only later became a work wear manufacturer.At one time some 5000 homes in the Hebrides had at least one loom, today (2007) less than 100 weavers still weave this astonishing cloth.

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