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This comes in very handy if you ever want hire help who are very familiar with their platforms to save yourself time, or to make modifications to suit your business.[11] App Store Extensions – Shopify, Big Commerce, Wix and Weebly have a very extensive App Store where the apps allow you to bolt on even more advanced e-commerce features to further automate or add more functionality to your store.

Tools cover sales & marketing, shipping, inventory / fulfillment, accounting, reporting, etc.

If you choose not to use Shopify Payments, the transaction fee is 2% for the “Lite” & “Basic Shopify” plans, 1% for the “Shopify” plan and 0.5% for “Advanced Shopify” plan.

Shopify Payments allow you to manage your payment gateway directly in Shopify’s user dashboard, so it’s very convenient as you don’t have to log into your payment processor to manage your transactions.

You’ll be able to tap into Shopify’s ability to integrate with 70 payment processors, while being able to use Wix, Weebly or Squarespace to build your ecommerce store.[9] Email / Newsletter Integration – Integrating a newsletter service to your store is a very powerful marketing tool as you can stay in touch with your customers, promote products or coupons to them, and just stay in touch to build a relationship with them to encourage your customers to return and shop again.

For Shopify, you can use one of its Apps from the Shopify App Store to connect your store with newsletter services such as Mail Chimp and Constant Contact.

These are very helpful if you start to grow your store and can leverage on these tools to further automate these functions to save you time.

[12] Abandoned Cart Recovery – Multiple research studies have shown that 2 out of 3 of your potential customers put products into the checkout cart, then forgets about it when they get distracted.

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[14] Pricing – Monthly pricing based on annual plans.[2] Overall – Scores are based on the average of the scores above – You should not base your decision solely on the average scores as there are many qualitative / subjective factors that you should consider prior to deciding.Our scoring is to help you narrow your choices, then you should always test out at least 2 of the website builders to see which one you are comfortable with before investing your time and money.See our detailed discussion on Abandoned Cart Recovery tool for Shopify here.[13] Point of Sale System – Shopify is the only builder that offers you the ability to integrate your physical, offline store with your online e-commerce store.For an extra per month, you can use i Pads as sales devices in your physical store.Wix, Weebly & Squarespace are also broadly used by non-e-commerce users.

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