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Benjamin Franklin Graves (247), called Franklin, was born 12 Aug.

They were listed on the 1880 census in Washington Twp., Boone Co., IN, and in the 1900 census in Sugar Creek Twp., Thorntown, Boone Co., IN; Sarah indicated that she had borne four children and four children were living.

However, according to R‑50, the statement that John was born in England probably came from someone who re-copied copies of notes of Phanney Graves (b. 1786), for 300 acres of land on the Little River in Randolph Co. Susan Jane (or Jean) Graves (109) was born about 1828 in NC (according to the 1850 census), although the 1870 census listed her as age 38 (born about 1832), and the 1880 census (Union Twp., Lassiters Hill, Randolph Co., NC) listed her age as 54 (born about 1826).(1) Sally Luther married Leonard Graves, 18 Aug. Infantry Regiment, NC, on 16 April 1862, reenlisted on , was taken prisoner on 31 March 1865 in Hatchers Run, VA, confined at Point Lookout on 2 April 1865, and died there on 30 April 1865.

1803) who stated her grandfather, John Graves, was from a John Graves, born in England, who came to America about 1635. It is believed that there may be a connection between this family and the families of Peter Graves, page 90, 1978 Graves Family Newsletter, and William B. He may be placed in Randolph Co., NC by deeds of 1787, 17, a militia record of March 1789, census records of 1790, 1800, and 1810, marriage bonds of 17, court records of 1793 and bastardy bonds of 1812, 1814, 1835, and 1839, tax rolls of 1803, 18, and a voting roll of 1817. She married Joseph Mullen Nicholson, son of Zachariah D. According to Nelle Hubbard in Pinhook to Brazil: After the death of Noah Smitherman in Troy, NC, my grandmother, Rebecca Graves Hendrix, received a notice, as well as her brothers and sisters, alike, to appear in North Carolina, and to claim their share of the estate of Noah Smitherman as he had left a fortune, and it was to be divided. 1827, Randolph Co., NC; (2) Margaret Luther married William A. 1834, Randolph Co., NC; (3) Rachel Luther married Samuel Graves, 12 Aug. 1816, married Louisa ‑‑‑‑‑‑; moved to GA and then to Clay Co., MS, (5) Harrison Luther; (6) Mary Luther married Elijah Voncannon (R‑50 says Mary Luther married Richard Graves); (7) Nancy Luther married John Auman; (8) Hillary Luther, b. Haynes, 5/5/1823-3/21/1896, Our father & mother are gone, They lie beneath the sod. Although there is not absolute proof that this is the William H.

5, 1927, concerning the death of Drewrys eldest child, Drewry M. Graves family came from eastern Iowa with the Mormon migration to Utah, and when the Mormons arrived at Canesville (now Council Bluffs, IA) in 1855, they stopped there for the winter. Also living with her were two grandchildren, Emery M. Graves, born about 1858, children of her son John F., and Janes sister, Mary Williams, born in Nov. Thomas Graves (46) was born 21 April 1823 in KY, as listed in the 1850-1900 censuses in Washington Co., IN, (or Randolph Co., NC according to the following sketch), died 22 April 1901, and was buried in Cravens Cem., Washington Co., IN."THOMAS GRAVES, the seventh of a family of eleven children born to John and Margaret (Brookshire) Graves, who were natives of Randolph Co., North Carolina, was born April 21, 1823, in the same county as his parents.

SALLY BROOKSHIER daughter of Richard and Hannah Graves; born Randolph Co., N. 9, 1781; married James Brookshier, 1805 and moved to Ky., then to Rutherford Co., Tenn.; died August 25, 1851. March 14, 1850, his marriage with Amanda Cravens was solemnized, and two children were born to them, only one - William A., who was born August 18, 1851 and married Mary Elrod, yet living; James A., born Aug. In March 1873 he lost his youngest child, Sarah E., and in August 1875 his wife passed away, leaving him with three children to fight the battles of life the best way they could under the circumstances. Wood's pastorate she changed her membership to that church and though she was not a regular attendant, she was a devoted christian.

27, 1924Samuel married second Florence Ceylon Canafax, daughter of Josephus Justin Canafax and Frances Ceylon Frazier, on 26 Dec. This family was recorded on the 1900 census in Clay Co., IN and the 19 censuses in Vigo Co., IN. Sylvester Willard (Vess) Lowdermilk (1346) was born 28 Dec.

Four months later she purchased a lot on the corner of Mills and Main Streets, and her home and office were built by 1900. Mary, the legal name change from Graves back to Shelman seemed to be of little concern to her patients, and few noticed that Shelman became her legal name again on Oct. It was recorded that they had been married 35 years, had eight children and eight children were living, so their marriage occurred about 1865, and it is possible that all the children below were by the same wife.

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In 1910, Alice stated that five of her nine children were living; their children were born in Indiana. 1879 in Richland Twp., Randolph Co., NC., and continued living at Seagrove, NC, on his large farm of several hundred acres, until his death 6 Nov. He decided to leave it to others to decide whether it was always for the soul that drew them to the meeting or if it was the longest way was the sweetest way home while walking barefoot with a pretty girl and your shoes in your hand. 1888 in Clay Co., IN (Record 15-9), died in the V. Hospital, Danville, Vermilion Co., IL, and was buried in Maple Grove Cem., Harrison Twp., Clay Co., IN. He married Sarah Ellen Wintersteen (or Winterstein), called Ellen, daughter of Jacob (Jake) Wintersteen (or Christian Winterstein and Mary Klepper per R‑13), on 18 Aug. Bowden then advanced upon Sam Graves, who had his gun, evidently bent upon doing him damage, when Graves brother called to him to shoot him, which he did, inflicting the wounds from which he died later. record states her age as 72 years, 8 months and 28 days, however, the Montgomery Co. The Drake Brookshire family was recorded in Montgomery Co., IN in 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880; Sarah was listed as the wife 1850-1870, born NC, and the wife was listed as Mary in 1880, born NC with the approximate age that Sarah would have been, so perhaps there was a recording error. 1838 in Randolph Co., NC, died 5 (or 4) July 1890 near Leeper, Mc Clain Co., OK (formerly Pontotoc Co., Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory), and was buried near Leeper. 1896, age 77 although the handwriting is difficult to read. Barnett, daughter of Warren Hillard Barnett and Elizabeth H. Wilburn Elbert Graves (230) was born 14 April 1847 in NC, died of a cerebral hemorrhage in Stockton, Washington Twp., Cedar Co., MO, and was buried in Old Union Cem., Washington Twp., Cedar Co., MO. With his regiment he took part in Shermans campaign on the way to Atlanta and marched with Sherman and his troops to the sea, afterwards passing through the Carolinas and Virginia on to Washington, where he participated in the Grand Review, and on 9 June 1865 was honorably discharged. as age 8 census living with his sister Nancy Graves Douglas family in Dick Johnson, Clay Co., IN, and second as age 12 living with his sister [Mary] Jane Williams family, in Van Buren, Clay Co., IN . Responsible for erosion control, tree planting, flood regulation, drainage, and recreation development, this program was instituted for unemployed single men from ages 18-25, who were clothed, housed, and fed; they were required to send home - from their princely monthly paychecks of . Her daughter, PERMELIA CAROLINE BROOKSHIER, died Aug. A certified copy of the Choctaw Rolls, Mississippi, 1902, states that James Brookshire, whose Indian name was Old Blue Nose, and his wife, Sallie Graves, whose Indian name was Choyata, recorded spelling O-Ha-Ya, were both half Choctaw. Woolsey, stated he was born in Randolph Co., NC in 1811; father emigrated to KY, then to TN, then to Blount Co., AL. 27, 1854, and died April 1, 1860, is the one deceased. When a girl she joined the Christian church at Ladoga, but after all her children united with the Methodist church, during Rev. Mark Boling, son of Randolph and Jane Boling, passed away at his home here on the morning of January 27, 1922 at the age of eighty-two years and nineteen days, after an illness of several months, due to heart trouble.

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