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Erik Townsend, former software entrepreneur turned hedge fund manager, shines light on; the dark side of wealth management, studying history to anticipate the future, one possible scenario for evolution of cryptocurrencies and plenty more...Jimmy Soni is the co-author of A Mind At Play, the biography of Claude Shannon—a brilliant mind (and stock market investor) responsible for introducing the world to Information Theory, artificial intelligence, fire breathing trumpets and the world's f Kevin Muir tells tales and lessons from trading on an institutional desk, why he's willing to go anywhere for the next great trade, how an art speculator in Norway perfectly encapsulates the mindset of a brilliant trader, and a walk-through of a recent William Ziemba's an academic, gambler and trader who's consulted to names such as; Edward Thorp, Blair Hull and Bill Benter.) and effective journaling practises Manoj Narang, founder of Tradeworx and MANA Partners, talks on high-speed trading and the nature of competition, the greater value of trading technology, capitalizing on alternative data, plus why aspiring traders should be willing to buck the trend and Larry's been a prop trader for Paul Tudor Jones, ran a 50 person group on the AMEX, and became the largest trader in the Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice pit. Larry shares how traders can realize serious opportunity from Trader, Adam Grimes speaks on; the value of human discretion, but also the power of a scientific framework, and how both can be combined for a greater trading edge.

Ben tells how he began buying crack houses, and no Victor Haghani, a founding partner of Long Term Capital Management, speaks about the observed betting patterns of how 61 participants (in an experiment) bet on a biased coin with real money.Morgan Slade, CEO of Cloud Quant and trader of 20-years, explains his views on 'common' strategy development methods and offers an alternative 3-step formula.Plus, we discuss how machine learning fits into a traders toolbox and why it has the capabiliti Ben Mallah will teach you a thing or two about how to hustle!Treat this as a crash course in Investing 101—we discuss; where to start out, expectations Alex, a 27-year old day trader from Texas, reflects on the key lessons he's learned from four years of full-time trading.Plus; his methods for trading the momentum of fast-moving stocks, managing positions (and risk!His time on Wall Street can be described as; a cocktail of drugs, alcohol, sex, money and power.

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