Eliot kennedy dating

Geri has been working with Ed Sheeran’s songwriting partner Amy Wadge and former Spice Girls collaborator Eliot Kennedy on the album.

‘He looks a bit like Richard Nixon from the side,’ Erwitt intones wryly when he potters in from the bedroom. He photographed the 37th President of the United States, along with some of the world’s most notorious postwar figures, from JFK to Charles de Gaulle, Muhammad Ali, Marilyn Monroe and Jack Kerouac.

The son of Russian-Jewish parents, Erwitt was the only foreign journalist able to follow their heated discourse: ‘At one point I heard Khrushchev say in Russian, “Go f*** my grandmother.” He actually said something like “your mama” but the rest was implied,’ he chuckles. He was an accredited White House photographer during Kennedy’s Camelot years — he attended JFK’s funeral and captured the most moving image of Jackie Kennedy, her grief almost palpable behind her black veil.

There are also iconic images of the not-so-famous: an unnamed couple whose kiss was caught in a car mirror (overleaf), taken in 1955 for a magazine issue on love; the awkward bride and groom at a wedding in Bratsk, Siberia, in 1967. He has filled eight photo-graphy books on the subject. They are like humans with hair.’ Look closer and you can identify a hint of social satire hidden in all the fur.

A statement teased plenty of Queen classics but it will be a “brand new show specially designed and created for this outing”.

The group performed Adam’s hit Ghost Town, taken from his latest solo album The Original High, on the road in 2015.

Erwitt is one of the few surviving first-wave Magnum photographers.

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