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The latter won’t show you the spraying but it’ll hopefully show what the sprayer was reacting to when he felt the need to mark.

If your cat has targeted one or two areas repeatedly, place litter boxes there that have high sides (but not covered boxes) because the cat may be satisfied with spraying inside the litter box.

Unless you can uncover the true cause for the behavior, you won’t have much success in stopping it.

So it’s time to sharpen your detective skills and do some undercover work.

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Spray-marking is usually done up against vertical objects but some cats will spray regardless of whether there is a vertical surface present.Even if the box is kept clean there may be something about the set-up that’s not appealing.There could also be something going on in the environment causing stress to the cat or making him feel as if it’s not safe to use the litter box. Surprising to many cat parents, both male and female cats can spray.It shouldn’t be viewed as a bad or spiteful behavior.Even though we certainly don’t like the idea of a cat spraying inside our home, it’s important to remember that it’s a normal reaction to particular situation in the feline world. A confident cat may spray as a grand display of his victory after a confrontation with another cat.In this case, the sprayed urine will form a thin line as opposed to the typical puddle during urination.

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