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As a result, the community is largely dominated by Russian-speakers.In the 1970s, Riga became a major center of Jewish dissident activity.The Jews in Latvia Museum was established in 1989 to research and commemorate the history of Latvia's Jewish community.The museum's exhibition is housed in three halls in the historical building of the former Jewish .Still, Latvia was an important center of Jewish life and learning.Zionism was especially widespread among the Jews of Latvia, and Riga was the birthplace of the Betar youth movement, spawned by Jabotinsky.Discover cosy coffee hideaways and afternoon tea spots with a sea view for the day and live music venues and great eateries for the night.Make sure you make the most of your online dating profile's with the help and guidance provided in the Soulmates Blog.

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After the collapse of Communism and the resurrection of independent Latvia, all restrictions on Jewish life were removed. Various Jewish organizations, creative groups, clubs and studios operate out of the community house; the “Jews in Latvia” museum, library, youth and community centers are located there.

The social provides humanitarian assistance to low-income members of the community.

On the eve of the Shoah, there were some 85,000 Jews in the country—40,000 in Riga, 10,000 in Liepaja (Libau), and the rest scatted in other communities, most notably Daugavpils (Dvinsk).

Immediately following the German invasion, elements of the local population began to torment the Jews.

During the war, the synagogue was used as a warehouse and in Soviet times it was one of very few synagogues functioning in the USSR as well as one of only four that maintained a choir.

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