Quicken investments not updating

Thank you for contacting Chase about downloading the transactions online. That's why we suspended access to for some services like Quicken, Quickbooks etc.

And you can always access directly to view your account information.

Once I popped everything in and re-linked to the appropriate account it worked OK.

When I did this, it would not let me choose which (checking) accounts to activate.

I've been trying to add it to Mint for nearly a week, but I'm still getting the "We're partnering with Chase to diagnose the connection issue" error.

I see many people are on Mint's support site saying the same thing. I've not been able to download transactions from Chase (visa, car loan) in a couple of weeks.

Some websites and software offer tools to help you with budgeting, managing accounts, investing, or even doing your taxes.

But if you're giving them your Chase User ID and Password, you could be responsible for money you mightlose as a result. That I now have to manually download all my chase accounts (I have MANY) one by one from the chase website into quicken? And that Chase still advertises on their website that (for a fee) I can use Quicken not only to check my accounts but also pay bills? NSI had a similar issue a couple of months back where all my credit card downloads stopped working.

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Next update will be posted when we've been advised they have lifted the block. I guess we'll just have to wait to see how this shakes out.

So it's true that Chase has "blocked" quicken access. NSApparently it's a known issue at the moment but I don't think it's a permanent thing (despite the way the poorly-worded message from Chase makes it sound.) I have just the one credit card account with Chase but it hasn't updated in Mint in about five days.

I also found a thread which implied that Citibank has done the same. The message in Mint says Mint Mike , Community Manager Moderator 4 days ago Known Issue: We are currently working with Chase Bank to resolve a connection error in Mint Users are currently unable to update their Chase accounts in Mint, and we are working with them to provide a solution as quickly as possible.

It activated Quicken connect on both personal and business accounts.

Which is not acceptable because the business accounts have a fee while the personal accounts should be free. Curious if anyone else has both personal and business accounts at Chase and has run into this problem. I use the OFX connection through gnucash/Aq Banking and have Direct Connect activated through Chase for my accounts.

I wish all banks would handle this the same way that Capital One 360 does.

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