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She now says that she will go back to the CSA and put in a retrospective application and if they decide that I haven't been paying enough for the last 17 years, they could hit me with a bill for that amount.I have looked on various websites and am fairly certain that she can't do this but could she, in theory, obtain a court order to do this outside of the CSA?i,m a single father of 3 2 of my kids well i,m not there natural father and have had in 3 years £15 out of one father and nothing out of the other.despite the csa having all the info they needed 3 years ago.We have some useful tools and guide available to download from our website at We have a Taking about money guide, which can help you and your ex work out together how much maintenance your daughter needs.

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moderator I am not qualified in family law, or other area of family matters. Any opinions I give are my own, and any advice should be checked before acting on it.My ex went to the CSA at the time and they sent me some paperwork which I duly completed and returned along with some payslips. I continued to pay maintenance monthly as well as contributing to school uniforms, trips and all other manner of requests from my ex, as and when they arose, I also saw our daughter on a weekly basis and still do now.Throughout the whole of this time, both my ex and I have worked full time and although initially she was earning more than me, for around the last 10 years, I have earned more than her.When a new application is made to the Child Support Agency (CSA) the paying parent's responsibility starts from around the point of when the CSA contact them or when the paying parent contacts the CSA, depending on which parent is making the application. However, if your old case is still open with the CSA they may be able to backdate your payments.You will need to contact the CSA directly to confirm if your case is closed.Their contact details can be found on any letter they have sent you, or this website uk/child-support-agency provides their contact details.

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