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I intend to contact my bank, as well as my state attorney general's office about this business fraud. When I told her I wanted to cancel the subscription and expected a refund for the charges, she informed me that I had signed up with a "sister company", "Live Career." After I gave her an elocution lesson, she gave me a number she was going to forward me to, and I was cut off ( p.m.). I called Live Career and reached a recorded answer at ... He said he would cancel my subscription and send me a confirmation of the cancelation, as well as credit my bank account for the last (in my case, second) charge. I will NEVER sign up for anything, ever again, online. Well i was looking for resume templates online and found this website.I felt that was as good as I could do, and thanked him. I agree to many people here that nowhere it's mentioned in the beginning that we will be charged an amount for building a resume... when i saw a charge, i went to google and checked the reviews of this site(i have been scammed before by someone else just like that).Many of our customers continue to use our service for several months during their entire job search.

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Best Regards, Live Career Nowhere in their fancy pretend legit business site do they make their plan to relieve you of .95 each week / month.Best Regards, My Perfect Resume I have just cancelled a subscription to " My Perfect Resume." The reason for this is because; at first they say that it is a FREE service towards making a resume, then after you're all done and happy with your new resume, they add on .95.After a short period of time I started to notice a fee of .95, repeatedly.Either contact your bank and report the scam or shut down your account.Only way to stop them Dear Mateo, We apologize for the inconvenience, as an international company, My Perfect Resume processes payments from all over the globe through our e-commerce provider located in the UK.I called to cancel my subscription because when I accepted the .95 fee, it said the subscription would expire after 7 days.

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