Is taylor swift still dating conor

“It happened incredibly quickly,” Alwyn said of landing the coveted gig. He Still Lives With His Parents In February, Alwyn told the Evening Standard he still lives with his psychotherapist mother and documentarian father — and doesn’t plan on getting a place of his own any time soon.

In fact, he was sitting in his childhood bedroom when his agent informed him that he had scored the titular role in Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.

So she didn’t hear the sound of everybody who was anybody in Hollywood laughing at her for allegedly having her heart broken all over again. 2 that week on the Billboard Hot 100—with her six-piece band.

It was the kind of thing that happens in a Taylor Swift song: nice girl gets made fun of by mean girl while powdering her nose, then goes home and writes a song about it—which becomes a No. Swift writes perfect pop songs that stick in your head like lollipops stuck in your hair. All over the Internet, bloggers and fans were reading the tea leaves Swift puts in her liner notes providing clues about the identity of the guy who had left her “lying on the cold hard ground” this time.

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The very openness that helped make Taylor Swift a record-breaking pop-country idol has turned into a double-edged sword.After baring her heart in hit songs, the 23-year-old musician now finds her love life—or some distorted version of it—treated as a joke.During a girls-night-in at Swift’s Nashville apartment (the one with the indoor koi pond), Nancy Jo Sales hears about the real thing.And then: “You know what, Taylor Swift,” said Fey, shaking a finger. Fox’s son.”The joke wouldn’t have worked without the audience being aware of Swift’s highly scrutinized romantic life, the stuff of tabloid obsession.The 23-year-old music mega-star has dated some of the entertainment world’s most visible bachelors (Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Joe Jonas), only to write chart-topping songs about how they allegedly broke her heart—or she theirs."Meanwhile, they’re planning a secret romantic rendezvous as soon as Conor’s on school break.” Back in late October when news hit that both were back on the market, the insider divulged that unlike some of Taylor's exes, there were "no hard feelings" it was just "distance" that caused the wedge.

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