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I’ve worked in strip clubs my entire adult life, on and off, although my latest re-entry into the field was my first time back in over six years.

Although it is taboo to admit, I enjoy working in strip clubs.

These men are often millionaires, and are interested in a woman with some culture. J: Speaking of money, can you give me an idea of what you might earn in an average night/month/year? Enough money to go on a family vacation every now and again. A job that wouldn’t consume every other aspect of my life.

I know people will be curious as to how it compares. Stripping is the best money I’ve ever made, and probably the best money I will ever make. Every time I strip: That money changes my life for the better.

In the past, stripping has bought me a car, taken me to Japan, Costa Rica, all over Europe, and furnished a home.

I needed to make adult money—more than the fabulous ,000 a year I was getting as an exploited grad assistant—to afford our house.

In this context, stripping was the easiest and quickest solution.

1 value is her ability to be physically attractive to men. But here’s the thing: I know I’m supposed to feel bad about sex work—degraded, ashamed—but I don’t.

It’s a great job, for the most part, although it is extremely physically taxing and the lack of a steady paycheck can wreak havoc on the mind as well. It’s not an easy job, and no, not everyone can do it. I’ve always been good at making friends and engaging strangers, and over the years I’ve mastered the tricks necessary to convincing men to want me.

I like the glamour, the smoking cigarettes and talking to strangers, the dancing all night, the constant flood of compliments—and the tons of money. However, I must note to any feminist detractors: I am also a feminist. Indeed, I felt like I would be living a less meaningful, more wasted life if I forced myself into the academic path that I now regarded as unduly stressful and all-consuming, not to mention a sinking ship.

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