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Vertical rulers, certain templates, custom autocorrects, duplicate pages, outline views, and more are all missing from the new Pages; the format bar, presenter display options, and many animations and transitions have disappeared from Keynote, and users are similarly upset with a Numbers interface and feature set that focuses on aesthetics over productivity."People who already use i Work in a serious fashion are being sacrificed in the (vain) hope of recruiting a new set of users," says Igot, "it's very sad and discouraging." Also ruffling feathers is reduced support across the board for Apple Script, an Apple tool that allows you to automate actions throughout OS X and its applications.The company can now take its time to improve the functionality of its i Work suite, while existing users can use i Work ‘09 just as they have done for the past four years and switch over when the features they care about come back.Once Apple adds key features back into i Work, says Warren, "they’ll be in a stronger position, because they’ll be there with cross-compatibility." And in the meantime?

It’ll take some time to restore lost functionality and turn the i Work suite into a true Office and Google Docs competitor, but Apple has at least put all of its devices on level footing.

However, a number of Apple watchers and users are complaining that the reworked apps aren’t as feature-rich as their predecessors.

Much of the vitriol is aimed at the new Pages for OS X, Apple's word processor, which lost many features that "power users" were accustomed to.

A client-side dynamic web page processes the web page using HTML scripting running in the browser as it loads.

Java Script and other scripting languages determine the way the HTML in the received page is parsed into the Document Object Model, or DOM, that represents the loaded web page.

Apple has a long list of changes and errors that will occur when importing and exporting documents.

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