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Real Name: Cynthia Jane Anderson Nicknames: Cindy Location: Toledo, Ohio Date: August 4, 1981 Occupation: Legal Secretary Date of Birth: February 4, 1961 Height: 5'4" Weight: 115 lbs Marital Status: Dating Characteristics: Caucasian female. Details: In 1980, 20-year-old Cindy Anderson was plagued by several bizarre and frightening dreams in which she was abducted from her home and murdered by a stranger.

She told her mother about her dreams, but the mother did not take them seriously. On August 4, 1981, Cindy arrived at the legal office where she worked as a secretary.

The sign had been visible for six months before it was covered up.

Cindy was disturbed when, just a few weeks later, the same message appeared again.

Suspects: A client of Cindy's, Larry Mullins, claimed that the day before she vanished, she received a strange call from an unidentified person and that she was apparently upset or scared by the caller.

The caller phoned the office twice while Larry was there.

Larry asked her if there was something wrong, and she stated that they had been receiving several similar phone calls.

Her father did, however, notice that she had been dieting and focusing more on her appearance around the time of her vanishing.

When investigating the case, police found that the only items missing were her car keys and purse, and that there was no evidence of forced entry or struggle in the office.

I am surprised that no one here has mentioned that Fahrin Jaffer has numerous criminal convictions for fraud, theft, impaired driving, dangerous driving, etc.

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