Is paul mccartney dating anyone


Nancy, 53, accessorised with a turquoise snakeskin handbag and a pair of gold hoop earrings whilst keeping her brunette locks loose and wavy and opting for minimal make-up with just a touch of blush and eyeliner.The couple, who married back in 2011, in a civil ceremony at Old Marylebone Town Hall, celebrated their second wedding anniversary last week, and so may have still be in the party spirit as they opted for a night at one of London's top eateries. This particular bag is super cute and we can see why Nancy chose it.Home was a tall, 18th-century house in Wimpole Street, where she lived with her siblings; her aristocratic mother, Margaret, a professional oboeist; and her father, Richard, head of the psychiatric department at the Central Middlesex Hospital.In short, the Ashers were an upper-middle-class family with sophisticated interests - a world apart from Paul's working-class Liverpool background.Embarrassingly, John Lennon was in one of his lethal moods and made some crude sexual remarks to the young actress.

'I remember going around the Parthenon three times - I think to keep Jane happy - and it was really tiring,' grumbled Ringo.Even in her youth, Linda Eastman was never a true beauty.A tall, strawberry blonde, she had a long face that could appear handsome one moment and plain the next.'She was taking pictures like a little kitty-cat, on the rug or on the sofa. And the next day she said: "Guess who I spent the night with?" ' It's because of this period in her life - 1966-68 - that Linda came to be tagged a groupie.Her preference was for the rock stars she frequently persuaded to pose, including Mick Jagger, Tim Buckley and Jim Morrison - and she wasn't averse to a handsome Hollywood actor.

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