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For the purposes of this list, we're going to keep it to Jews who show physical toughness, not just mental or emotional grit.

The mention of a mob movie on a list of "tough Jews" might itself be a reference to the 1999 book Tough Jews : Fathers, Sons, and Gangster Dreams.

Then there are the "tough Jews" who are soldiers and rebels.

There are some movies about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and other movies about Defiance against the Nazis.

Movies about such tough Jews include the one about Bugsy Siegel and the one about Meyer Lansky.

Jewish mobsters Moe Green (based on Siegel) and Hyman Roth (based on Lansky) appear in the Godfather films, too.

I was looking down at my shoes, ready to show the elliptical who's boss (hint: not me), and I realized that I've owned those shoes for a very, very long time. I think the "rules" say people should purchase new gym shoes every year or every other year, which meant that it was definitely time to buy a new pair.

And now, as we speak, I'm breaking in some exciting new shoes just waiting to travel the world (or at least the inside of a workout room).

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There are boxers from Daniel Mendoza (back in the 1700s!Protecting the home front, Jewish police officers have appeared onscreen as well.Liev Schreiber plays a Chasidic cop on Fading Gigolo, Melanie Griffith goes undercover in a Chasidic community in A Stranger Among Us, and Andy Garcia investigates an anti-Semitic murder in Homicide (There is still room for a Jewish firefighter movieā€¦).According to some exhaustive Facebook research, this is the first recorded photo of me in the shoes, taken while exploring downtown Chicago with my college roommates in September 2008: These shoes have kept me comfortable, kept me walking, kept me exploring.They've been with me in probably more kinds of weather than is appropriate for non-rain boots.One of the aspects of her book that make the haters hate hate hate hate hate is that Kondo recommends "thanking" each of your items before discarding them.

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