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Instead, he brings his own distinctive take to the book.Lagercrantz, a Swedish biographer and novelist, is little-known in America: virtually none of his works have been translated into English.She is often described as foulmouthed, a trait she may have gotten from her creator, Dr. , he couldn’t find the words to describe its aggressive, iconoclastic, instantly iconic co-protagonist.

Their legal and public-opinion battle has carried out over the course of the past decade in Swedish newspapers, with both sides claiming the moral high ground.Among other things, Gabrielsson says Larsson was estranged from his family and would never have wanted them in control of his work; they dispute that assertion.They claim in turn that they offered her millions of dollars and a seat on the board that makes decisions about his estate; she says they would have muzzled and outvoted her if she'd taken their offer.And yet she keeps coming back, implacable and undaunted, and obsessively dedicated to protecting women from their male abusers.Over and over throughout Larsson's novels, his unstoppable hacker uses her research and programming skills to identify women who are being terrorized, and terrorize their tormentors in turn.The final chase scene and death of the primary antagonist in .

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