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He is also the former boyfriend of "Love and Hip Atlanta" cast member, K Michelle. Michelle recently spoke of abuse in her past relationship with Mr.

She talked to She also revealed a few candid anecdotes about what Toya and Lil Wayne have told her about boys! The real definition of a woman is to be there through thick and thin. There is a lot of stuff going on with the label Young Money/Cash Money, but I’m signed to my father’s label Young Money.

Memphitz and Jive get to make those decisions about what songs she sings and how the budget is spent.

, she dishes on having famous parents, the drama surrounding them, and how she handles bullies. Wayne and I have a great relationship and we will always have a great relationship, and that’s something people may not understand. And one thing about the people that follow me…I feel like I’ve been able to touch and help them by sharing my story. I’m really a sensitive person…but when I read that stuff it doesn’t bother me.

Meanwhile, Toya Wright gets candid with us about her troubled marriage and why Memphitz left. Reginae Carter, the daughter of Lil Wayne & Toya Wright, stars in "My Super Sweet 16" airing tonight at 7pm ET on MTV. And because of that, I feel like I’ve done something good. It only bothers me if it comes from someone I know personally who can look me in the face. I’m a part of the “No Bullying” campaign and it’s to silence negativity and drama and just know who you are. My father is like, “Oh Boys…” But he’s knows I’m smart.

While promoting the Carlos King/Todd Tucker-produced special (see pics from the ritzy party here), Reginae opened up about being hip hop royalty and some of the perils that come attached to the throne. And when I speak on the situation, it’s from the character I know of my husband. They only know her side of the story because she has a larger platform. Everybody falls in love and everybody has things they go through when they’re in a relationship. He likes to meet them and talk to them but it’s nothing too serious.

Memphitz Wright net worth: Memphitz Wright is an American producer who has a net worth of million dollars.

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