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She had adopted three-legged dog, Darla Louise and cat, Tripod from rescue shelters.Edit Kagan first worked on KEYT-TV in Santa Barbara, where she covered news, later, she also worked as sports journalist. In 2006, she left CNN as CNN refused to renew her contract.Which would be more consistent with most of the stories we’ve had sent into us. “She was very pretty but a bit boring.” This sucks. “It was me, her, three guys, her friends, and a forty-year-old man (Does he even go to Cambridge? THE PLOT THICKENS.) Sitting around a table freezing our tits off and everyone was 100% sober I literally don’t know my dates (real) name.” Our source tells us she said four words in the space of 45 minutes. Our resentful friend tells us: “A date contrary to popular belief does not involve two people.” We think sarcastically. Ellie (roving reporter) has seen a couple go off and buy chips together at Gardies. His current date has now left him on his own to drink a pint and go to Cindies with no friends. Our roving reporter, Ellie Olcott, has spoken to the official Big Fish Ents reps at Cindies. Contrary to previously stated information James and Rory are NOW going to the Van of Life and Cindies. Live blogging will meet Tab TV in a violation of all previously stated rules of Tab journalism. He says: “It started badly and we didn’t end up going on the date.” Poor guy.(A more pressing concern of course is the earlier part of the conversation. It is sinking in to us that the below statement makes very, very little sense. They say people are more awkward than last year, they’re drinking more VKs and listening to music. Last year on RAG blind date night, the first couples out of the doors went at half 11 (to start copulating). Xavier, here, taking over very briefly to point out that the below contribution from Charlotte Ivers is almost certainly not an update on a real RAG blind date (seriously, the Union?We’re not asking for details.) Was he a Republican? There have been at least two success stories in Cambridge tonight. ) and almost certainly a cynical ploy to perpetuate her personality cult by contributing to this feed. Olivia’s date claims to have eaten 100 Nandos chickens in his life and owns Nandos stash.That's especially true when it comes to dating women.

Edit After dating two years, they broke up in 2006.

She started dating Rush Limbaugh in September 2004 but broke up with him in 2006.

She looks animal lover as she has adopted three-legged dog, Darla Louise and cat, Tripod from rescue shelters.

Editor James and Deputy Features Rory heading to Van of Life and/or Cindies for quotes and anecdotes. Xavier’s roommate James is being incredibly useful and standing by his promise to send in a large number of photos. Not sure whether she thinks this is a good thing or not.

Be there in roughly five minutes time if you want to be famous. Definition has been read out by Deputy Editor Molly O’Connor. One happy couple spotted leaving Spoons hand in hand and heading back to Magdalene. Comes with the following assurance “She’s intentionally looking sad! The Tab, as said before, takes a firm pro-Tilly stance, Tilly being stood up by her date earlier in the night. These people are bringing shame upon a charity event. Update from Tab contact: “Discovered my blind date’s ideal job: courtroom artist.” Great chat. If you have stories or pictures you’d like to share, send a message to our Facebook page or tweet us @tabcambridge”.

Edit Daryn Kagan's first TV film Breaking the Curse projects have been honored with different awards including 2008 Gracie Award for Outstanding Documentary.

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