Nottingham trent university dating


And when it comes to the university itself, he says, it pays to find out how far apart everything is, where it is located within the city, and what current students think of the lifestyle. “Sometimes mum and dad will ask a question they hadn’t thought of.” Perhaps the most important tip is to plan carefully.

Jones recalls a prospective student who bragged about his time-saving measures.

“Knowing her as I do, I want to feel that she’s comfortable with the people she’s learning from, and that she’s in a safe community,” her mother says.

It represents the slice of the funding pie each institution might take.The amount of information on offer at a virtual open day is far greater than that in the prospectus, and is supplemented by photos and videos.Some institutions are even experimenting with live chats, so prospective students can discuss issues remotely with staff or students.In a single day, they must cover enough ground and ask the right questions to figure out whether the university they are visiting really is the place where they want to live and study for the next three years or more.For such a major decision, the trick is to know what to expect – and what to look out for.A normal coach tour of Bristol might start at the harbour, swing past the Gothic cathedral on College Green and then meander through Clifton to witness the famous suspension bridge.

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