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For large swaths of last year, a song was stuck on my internal i Pod. (Come to think of it, does that even exist any more?

By that, I mean the i Pod in your brain, over which you have even less control than the temperamental creations by Apple; the i Pod without a stop button, which plays the same song over and over to you, usually at the most inappropriate moments – a business meeting, for example, or during a family dinner – becoming louder and louder the more that you want to turn the volume down. It was called Not Fair and it had quite a fun little tune, though it wasn't the tune that bothered me. The chorus, for example, went like this: But you never make me scream You never make me scream" And then there was a verse then went like this: "Oh I lie here in the BLEEP BLEEP [I've been banned from reprinting this particular part of the song by my editor] In the middle of the bed I'm feeling pretty damn hard done by I've spent ages giving –" And I think, for the purposes of keeping your breakfast down, we shall leave it there. ) This week, David Cameron announced that he had banned his daughter from listening to Lily Allen because the star was "slightly unsuitable"; that an i Pod in the Cameron household had even been broken, in a tussle over the matter.

"I'm not defending my drunkenness because I don't need to," Allen says.

British singer Lily Allen is engaged to marry her boyfriend Sam Cooper.

The surprised 25-year-old singer is said to have burst into tears when her 32-year-old love popped the question on Christmas Day.

"All these showbiz journalists are just bullies when it comes down to it.

I have felt really very bullied this week." At Tuesday's event, The Times of London also reported that Allen blurted out the previously secret news that her brother Alfie was engaged to his girlfriend, actress Jaime Winstone. "Alfie and Jamie had never been engaged," she wrote.

Singing it for the women – for equality of some sort reigns in the pop charts – is Lady Gaga, who recently trilled about wanting to take a ride on someone's disco stick.

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