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I see where you’re coming from and I totally agree. In other words, don’t blow shit out of proportions, don’t exaggerate. In other words, they are insecure, broken and sad pathetic creatures who are looking to brag to compensate for just how fucked up they think they really are. Turn the spotlight instead on the pussy that you’re banging and you’d be surprised as to how much respect you get.So here’s my guide on how to talk about milf dating the right way. Just follow these two pieces of advice and you would be well on your way to discussing milfdating in a positive, constructive and productive way.One time a friend of mine went over to a buddy’s house to hang out and his buddy ended up leaving for what was supposed to be a quick trip over to his girlfriend’s house to pick something up he left there.Well, the buddy was gone for what seemed like forever, probably getting some ass himself, when the buddy’s mom came home and saw her son’s friend just sitting around.He went back towards the bedroom and there she was, almost completely naked rubbing down her moist pussy.Like a dumbass, he nearly turned around to walk away out of the room when she told him to wait and popped off her bra.

Also, you want to talk about it in a way so that it doesn’t draw unneeded jealousy. Second, make it about her, don’t make it about yourself.

There’s just something about an older woman that shows she knows what she wants and she’s not fucking around when it comes to fucking around if you know what I mean.

She’s done playing games, she knows how to fuck, she wants to get off, and she is an expert at getting you off. I also suspect that they try harder because they worry that they may have lost some sex appeal, but I assure you they have not, but I’m not complaining about the extra effort!

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One of the funniest and most interesting dimensions of milfdating involves discussing it.

The buddy’s mom had a really stressful day at work I guess, so she went into her bedroom to get changed out of her work clothes.

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