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And then Shane puts her specs on, and they work their magic on me — given the choice between Cherie’s cleavage and Shane’s specs, I’ll take the specs any day. So Shane goes back to Cherie, who’s waiting and eavesdropping and plotting.But Cherie takes them off — damn her — so she can get close and tell Shane she looks beautiful. Shane introduces them, and Carmen knows exactly who Cherie is, so she says “fuck you” and storms off. well, I can only describe it as a brief scuffle, complete with soapy dialogue: And then Shane just kinds of drops her gaze, so Carmen drops the book and stomps off (again). “She’s pretty, but not as hot as you are.” She invites Shane to “the beach” this weekend, and says Shane can even bring “the girlfriend.” And then she gives Shane a little kiss, and Shane gives her a little kiss right back, only nothing these two do together is really ever very little. It’s hard to want them to break up, but at times it’s impossible to want them to stay together.

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The rendition is not so terrible, and Alan Cumming is there to do the “Turn and face the strain.” You might just be okay, Mange. Alice is being all defensive about the speed dating, and how Dana and Lara will have a good laugh over it; Lara just mutters that Dana has bigger things on her mind. So she starts shrieking: “Can you guys come clean up your fuckin’ mess?But Bette tries to center herself in spite of all that spiteful stuff, and it seems like she might get there — but then her laptop pings. First of all, are you telling me that Bette Porter has a PCMCIA wireless card? Rather, it’s for Lindsey76, otherwise known as late-night Tina, and it’s from Daddy Of2. I think he’s quite sexy, and a fantastic actor, but I don’t know why he has to keep recycling the Cabaret thing. Our favorite bisexual: Alice Pieszecki of The Chart, Pieszecki.And Helena’s there too, but only to offer support: “I’m not even bisexual,” she protests. I could spell them out for you, but that would ruin it, okay? Helena talks (to someone we never do see) about wanting someone who’s creative, willing to take risks, has a vision, etc…But the DJ’s Tireland guy in the red tank top and tight jeans and cowboy hat might have a different sort of discovery in mind. At least they’re not leering at teenage girls like most of the men in these film-school things.As they stroll on to select a tire, we hear “Feel Like Makin’ Love,” and it’s pretty great. And by the way, the boys are named Frank and Coleman, and Frank (must I remind you) was fucking the ex-nun in last week’s episode. Sierra Hills Memorial Hospital — Dana’s getting some news. “The results of your biopsy indicate infiltrating ductal carcinoma,” says the doctor.“Ductal carcinoma,” says Dana.But it must give way to another kind of music: that of Angus, serenading Kit.

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