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Morgan, meanwhile, is in a serious relationship with Alex, the daughter of his "lieutenant assistant manager," John Casey.

Michael "Big Mike" Tucker (Mark Christopher Lawrence) is the manager of the Burbank Buy More in seasons 1–3 and assistant manager in season 4.

but returns to being manager at the start of the third season with a new, innovative view on how to manage the company and life.

Although the store's employees make light of the code word, it is twice used to safely remove the staff and patrons who would otherwise be endangered by the espionage activities going on around them.

When Moses informs him that the Burbank branch is on the verge of closing, Mike holds a "going out of business" sale.

By the end of the episode, the store has been evacuated by Jeff.

In the series finale, "Chuck Versus the Goodbye", as Team Bartowski breaks up, Buy More is soon purchased by Subway, much to the delight of Big Mike.

The Buy More management team have tended to become romantically involved with each other's female relatives.

For a brief period in 1988, Big Mike was a member of Earth, Wind and Fire, naming himself as "Rain".

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