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Jeff learned at Aish Ha Torah for the next six weeks. If you don't anticipate God's help, then you have lost sight of God as your Father.

He was a very serious student, and went back to the States with a commitment to continue learning. So God breaks the flow in order to realign your focus.

Anything that you could ask Him for is infinitesimally small compared to what He has already given to you. By not answering you, God is telling you that you've got a problem, that you need to change. Because if He wouldn't do that, we'd just remain stuck in our illusions, unclear on the idea that God can do it all. There is something deep within yourself that you need to rectify. Once I was riding my motorcycle up a winding mountain road. Prayer is not a magic button to escape that process.

If you don't expect the good, God is not going to invade your space. You're 22-years-old and driving through Manhattan in rush hour in the middle of July. A truck came around a curve and swerved into my lane. My bike landed between two rocks, which acted like shock absorbers and cushioned the impact. Just this one time, let me find a dollar bill." Many times the Almighty sends us what we truly need, but we don't recognize it because we haven't done the work of clarifying our needs! By compelling us to make an effort, God gives us the means to truly grow.

If we appreciate what God can do for us, it is crazy not to stay in touch. When we pray, of course, we are not pointing out anything new to God. Not because He wants that to happen, but because He wants us to have independence – even at the risk of it being misused.

We may suffer the consequences, but it keeps our independence intact. There is an extremely large and unsightly pothole in front of your house.

Standing there was the same young woman he had seen in the Old City. When the problems are larger than minor inconveniences – i.e.

During that previous summer he had been meandering through the cobblestone alleyways of the Old City when he saw a pretty, sweet, religious girl walk by. When you do that, He'll move mountains to answer your prayer. Love, your favorite nephew." The Almighty knows how to get our attention.

Answer to Your Prayers Have you ever had a prayer answered? For the last four months the local municipality has ignored your insistent requests to have it fixed.

Finally, in an act of frustration, you call the White House and ask for the president.

Just as a parent fulfills a child's request, so too God answers prayers.

The Infinite Genius Who created every molecule on this earth, can alter the course of existence in order to answer your prayer.

Jeff had been in Norway, visiting his Norwegian fiance. He looked at the stones and said: "God, I don't believe in You. Jeff whirled around and shouted, That question hit Jeff like a two-by-four right between the eyes.

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