Arjun and rati dating


At this point, both sisters are hurting from relationship difficulties, thus immediately take leave from Excel for a family wedding in Morena.After the sisters leave, the gang feels lonely; knowing Diya and Uday would leave soon as well, they decide to pursue Gunjan for Samrat and his newfound love.

In the custody battle, he was separated from his sister and has since believed his mom chose his sister over him.

Truth be told, he seems evergreen, some who will never age and will look drop-dead-gorgeous every moment of his life.

Here are 12reasons why we absolutely love Arjun Rampal. Because no one can do the angry young man look like him.

In search of Nupur at Excel, Adhiraj mistakes another Nupur to be the Nupur he is looking for.

The gang takes advantage of this new character entry and makes the new Nupur into Nupur Bhushan who Adhiraj seeks. This all backfires when it is revealed, to everyone but Samrat, the new Nupur is Samrat's long lost younger sister Suhaani Shergill.

Between a series of events, Samrat finally expresses his love to Gunjan on the night of Dusshera.

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