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We would rather text or gchat than pick up a phone.We fall back on safe topics: the weather and what we’re both doing at that moment.For those who have yet to come across the company, Grouper is a ‘social club’ (non-marketing speak: a dating-themed start-up.) The concept is fairly simple: Grouper pairs a guy and girl together, each of them bring two wingmen/women, and voila…you have a group date.Millennials, as I’m told from frequent exploratory pieces on our generation, are coming of age in a 21st century America defined by its hyper self-aware culture.Met three Arizona graduates at a Lincoln Park bar/restaurant.Immediately realized that: a) it was more of a restaurant—with a great brunch menu—than bar and b) that TJ had mutual friends in common with one of the women. After a bunch of small talk—what do you do for a living, etc.—TJ’s connection with one of the woman’s friends led us to talk about growing up and first kisses.How did this company manage to convince so many hyperly self-aware 20-somethings that their site was filled with social, smart, relatively good looking individuals…and that they should join and bring their friends along for the ride?After thinking about this for a minute too long, I realized that we joined Grouper because others were doing it.

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And yes, it’s a bit strange that we’re comfortable connecting with people online but slower to pick up the phone.

So, without further adieu, a brief snapshot of the three Groupers I’ve gone on and the topics of conversation beyond, “So, have you done this before?

”: : I went with two friends from college, TJ and Luke.

My friends are doing this, therefore it can’t be sketchy.

On a Grouper, you’re meeting people, in a city, for a drink.

This ended with the group going around the table showing each other the Facebook profiles of everyone’s first kiss. We led ourselves on a terrible bar crawl of Chicago, desperately searching for a band or sound system to sing in front of.

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