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In the 1971 thriller The Mephisto Waltz Shalimar is the perfume favored by Jacqueline Bisset's character named Paula.

At the film's conclusion when Paula's soul has been transferred in the body of Roxanne (Barbara Parkins) the character of Duncan Ely who is unaware of the change remarks to Roxanne, "isn't that the perfume worn by our late little housewife ? Ducky is performing an autopsy and asks Gibbs to take a whiff of the deceased. In the AMC series Mad Men, Joan Holloway's roommate with a lesbian love interest mentions that Joan is wearing Shalimar as Joan walks by her.

Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan's love for Mumtaz Mahal, his favourite wife, was so great that he built her the Garden of Shalimar in Lahore, Pakistan (and indeed, the Taj Mahal).

Shalimar itself is currently produced in Shalimar Extract, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne, and Fleur de Shalimar Edition.

Monsieur Puigdemont a fait toute la clarté sur sa venue en Belgique.

Il a en effet confirmé n’être en Belgique ni à l’invitation, ni à l’initiative du Gouvernement belge, mais « d’être à Bruxelles car il s’agit de la capitale de l’Europe ».

In "House Arrest" (Season 2 Episode 11) of "The Sopranos" HBO, Junior Soprano mentions to his doctor he sent a bottle to a medical assistant (Tracy) who had checked on him at his home after having a stent placed.

In the 1989 Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor movie, "See No Evil, Hear No Evil", Richard Pryor's blind character identifies the villainess played by Joan Severance by her "beautiful smell", "Shalimar".

Jacques Guerlain wanted to evoke with this "the smell of a womans skin". mitsouko extrait, a modern rendition from a 2013 batch, under Thierry Wasser, which has gotten decent reviews perhaps due to re-engineered oak moss; 2. Both make me very happy, and together, with all of my other bottles of perfumes, the mitsouko I own is a lifetime supply.I need to experience the pure parfum which I am going to do..maybe give the EDP another try.At the time that I gave away the EDP, I did so because it was heavier and cloying to me.In Netflix original, "Orange Is The New Black" (S1: E6 "WAC pack") prison inmate Nicky describes protagonist Piper as smelling of shalimar after a goodbye hug from her opulent mother during visitation.013868807063 013872807066 013876807062 034454807069 041689190569 129794807029 3346470106291 3346470151253 3346470207530 3346470241008 3346470241015 3346470241046 3346470254749 3346470257658 3346470257825 3346470620506 666674696279 707002099888 I fell in love with Mitsouko many years ago when I bought a tiny collector bottle from a cosmetic catalog..was an EDT.After sampling this, I bought the EDP formulation, not realizing that there can be a difference in the actual scent.

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