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Part of the wedding drought is due to the trend in outdoor weddings, which the church frowns on. That often means one spouse is left looking for work off the farm or ranch.

Also, he said, young people leave for Billings when they get to the marrying age."It's generally an older congregation," he said. Most go to bigger cities as they grow up."Nationwide, both parents work in more than 59 percent of families with children under age 18, according to the U. Modern couples do have one significant advantage there.

"Once a person gets away from college, it's harder for them to meet other people in a rural area.

But I have a son in Billings and he's encountered the same thing.

"The worst part is, we never thought, what if this goes bad? I go to Canada and Bozeman and the Flathead."He knows one other Turner bachelor, a guy who has managed to find a girlfriend.

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Only 109 women ages 20 to 39 live in all Garfield County (about 1 every 58 square miles).

It's hard to meet people once you're past the college stage."Edith met her husband when he was working on a ranch in the Ruby River Valley near Sheridan, east of Dillon."I love rural living, but when we went to Turner, the farthest north I had been was Great Falls.

The first time to Turner I thought I was going to the end of the world, and sometimes I still think that," she said.

That was a hurdle we didn't have to get over," he said.

Imagine a sweeping blue sky over green and gold fields spreading up to a horizon ringed by mountains.

Jones said it hasn't turned women off to find out he lives in Turner because "they don't know where Turner is at.""You've got to find the ones who don't like city life," he said.

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