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It’s a new generation and we are bringing something new to this film.RESPECT.: What is different in this film from the other Step Up Movies?William “Willdabeast” Adams and Janelle Ginestra are a duo that’s taking over the dance world and they have a lot of great things coming.Whether its their time choreographing for your favorite artist, bringing together dancers for their imma Beast dance company, or posting fun tutorials to You Tube, the dance power couple is now taking their career to the next level in Beijing, China.RESPECT.: You guys have built a strong and amazing dance company. Janelle: I have always been the kind of person that enjoyed teamwork but I know Will and I are great on our own as well.Obviously we can both do our own thing and be super successful but its so nice having somebody to work with and someone to bounce ideas from. When we were working separate and he was on his own tour and I was on my own tour it just didn’t work for us.What special moments in your career help you be up to this challenge?

We wanted to create something where even if Janelle and I start pursuing something else we have an event that belongs to us and keeps growing bigger than us.When you’re a professional dancer there is only a certain height you can get to and when I hear him speak and tell me his ideas he makes me believe I can do more and there are no limits.He shows me I have a bigger voice and I can do so much more.Working with various age groups has really allowed Willdabeast to hone his craft and become an expert in his field and artistic world. As a dancer himself, he knows how to choreograph sequences well that flatter the dancers but are also appealing for the audience to watch. Without further adieu, check out these dancing divas along with the song’s original music video.He’s any choreographers/directors dream camera man. I can create something memorable and something that makes people feel emotions through the TV screen.

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