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But international Aids experts have voiced concern at the plan.Warren Naamara from UNAids said the two people could have different strains of the virus, which could interact. Around 70 couples have been matched up in the last few weeks, Bauchi state authorities told the BBC.The shortest form of the Shahada would be translated: The first part of the Shahada predates Islam.

"Polygamy, as we have discovered, has become a potent source of spreading the HIV scourge in Nigeria," he said."Marrying someone with the same HIV status will reduce the spread of the scourge." Danger But the head of the United Nations agency in charge of battling the disease in the country said the scheme was dangerous."There may be a very big danger in terms of the spread of the disease," said Mr Naamara He also said it was "not advisable" for such couples to have children.Women who volunteered for the programme included those left in difficult circumstances after the death of their husbands or a divorce in a region where arranged marriages are common.The Hisbah pay a dowry for a groom and provides the bride with furniture and kitchen wares, as well as to enable them to start small businesses such as tailoring or catering."I'm in high spirits today because I have married the woman of my choice virtually at no cost because the government has shouldered the cost," 55-year-old Sule Alaramma told journalists and wellwishers outside the mosque.Email [email protected] Quote REF# BLES27: Please note this section is not for those looking for one night stand, it is dedicated to Naija fans looking for serious relationship that could lead into marriage.

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