Dating fort st john british columbia

In the heart of territory inhabited by the Carrier or Dakelh First Nation, this proved to be a lucrative locale for fur trading and so a post - Fort St. In 1821, the fort came under the control of the Hudson's Bay Company, when the North West Company merged with it.

Gold was discovered along the banks of the Peace River in 1861.

As part of his commission from the North West Company, Fraser and his assistants John Stuart and James Mc Dougall explored potential river routes to the Pacific Ocean from 1805 through 1808.

Explorations in the Winter of 1805-06 by Mc Dougall resulted in the discovery of Carrier's Lake, now known as Stuart Lake.

Nonetheless, eventually the post became profitable, and continued to function until its closure in 1952.

The community is located on the south-eastern shore of Stuart Lake, at the head of the Stuart River.

The town’s history dates back to Alexander Mackenzie’s arrival in 1793.

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