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When it comes to the world of dating your friend may have turned to you because they see that you’re being successful in that field and they want to know how you are doing it and whether you can help them.

If that is the case then by all means impart your secrets.

Your friend is then free to try some of the strategies you used or to go their own way.

This is very different from saying ‘What you need to do is….’ What do you know?

Sometimes your friend will just need a sympathetic ear, a shoulder to cry on and some tea (or wine) and sympathy.

The temptation, when you see someone you care about in pain is to try and jump in and fix the problem for them.

The author's concerts at the University were cancelled and a proposed professorship at the conservatory was withdrawn.

1.4 The author states that in November 1977 he toured Mexico and Panama.

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Point them in the right direction There’s a wealth of information online and in the media about dating and relationships.He then stayed in Buenos Aires from 5 to 10 December 1977 and on 10 December he went to Montevideo to bring his children back and to hand over the house he had rented.His intention was to move to Buenos Aires and spend some time in his country before travelling to Mexico and Canada on work assignments.It is natural that friends will turn to each other for support, encouragement and advice.Unsolicited advice This is the kind of advice that you should avoid giving.In April 1977, the author found that his name was on a list of Argentine intellectuals who could not participate in activities under the bilateral agreements which his country had signed with other States and that he had been denounced as "a subversive member of the Montoneros Organization".

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