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Thanks to the Internet, we now know this isn’t true.”Ian Hart Below: Accessing the Internet in St Helena • ‘Wi-Fi Hotspots’ • ‘State of the Island’ report, 2015 • History Internet services on St Helena are provided by Sure South Atlantic Limited.Many St Helena organisations have websites but this is far less common than in the UK or America.To send packages to St Helena contact Richard James International Ltd., Chittening Ind. Below: Calling to St Helena • Calling from and within St Helena • Curious features of our telephone system • Radio Telephones Fixed-line telephone services on St Helena are provided by Sure South Atlantic Limited.(For mobile/cell ‘phones, see below.)The international dialling code for calls to St Helena is 290.For this site’s contact details please see our Contact Saint Helena Island Info page.Below: Post • Sea Freight • Telephones • The Internet and Email • Mobile (‘cell’) Phones • ‘Solar Interference’ • Sure South Atlantic Ltd.The correct postal address for sending things to St Helena is: Recipient’s Name House Name or ‘Near …’Area (e.g. Box 37, Jamestown, Island of St Helena South Atlantic Ocean STHL 1ZZIf sending mail to St Helena it is best to complete a customs declaration at the sending post office.Jamestown / Half Tree Hollow)Island of St Helena / St Helena Island / St Helena (it doesn’t seem to matter which)STHL 1ZZSouth Atlantic Ocean Note that the postcode (‘zip code’) ‘STHL 1ZZ’ applies to the entire island, and also that the ‘South Atlantic Ocean’, while strictly unnecessary, does seem to help prevent letters being routed to California, South Carolina or Australia! There is no letter delivery to your home or office - you have to collect your letter from the main Post Office in Jamestown or from a shop near your home - so a Post Office Box is easier and more reliable. By declaring that the contents are of ‘no commercial value’ you may save the recipient from having to open the packet at the Post Office here so that it’s contents can be examined and asssessed for import duty.

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And if you are trying to contact friends or family or find a pen-pal on St Helena our Family And Friends page may be helpful.

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This page is in indexes: Island Detail This page is about communications in general to and from St Helena.

You may also be interested in our collection of St Helena postcards.

We can send and receive post, both letters and small packages (larger packages require sea freight).

At the Post Office they will provide you with a customs form and sell you the appropriate stamp.

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