Does updating your blackberry erase contacts


We do a lot of travel, sometimes away from power sources, so spare batteries are important to our usage.Has anyone looked at what are the ideal 3G bands for a phone to use in Europe ?

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As the unit is made on mass in China, it is probably a clone that goes under various brands around the world. turns out it's not as smart as it's getting marketed. still impressed with the phone though but if there's no way to fix skype I guess will have to stick to the good old lg and huawei ones.

Interesting voice testing service can hear you though. Went to buy an Aldi TV today, and the phones were being snapped up fast – some people buying 4 at a time.

Bought one for a laugh this morning, as I need a wifi hotspot separate to my phone for travelling, but actually very impressed. Wifi tethering works well – I'm using it to an i Mac now.

A reasonable consumer would expect a oneyear-old camera to be repairable. On the whole seems like quite a decent phone but a price that I'll be happy to carry while bicycle riding without worrying about breaking an expensive phone if I fall off :). I was handed the box by the cashier, these were not a "self-serve" item. the phones are ok, would be unhappy to return them, but if there's no choice will have to..

The manufacturer has not taken reasonable steps to provide spare parts or facilities, so the importer must provide a remedy So does any one know if this, or the previous version of this phone allows you to store apps on the up to 32gb SD card, it appears this can be done on the aldi tablet (latest one at least)? t=2106509&p=17#r337 Bro the chipset is notorious for apps that don't work. off to google to search for a solution if there's any I'd appreciate a report regarding this phone's ability in Telstra (or Aldi) poor coverage areas and how visible its screen is in sunlight?

Wondering about the RAM in this phone as well, thinking about replacing my HTC Wildfire S with it, but one of my gripes about the HTC is that it's slow, unresponsive and the system is constantly running out of memory. As the unit is made on mass in China, it is probably a clone that goes under various brands around the world.

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