Animal rights dating service


this national non-profit animal protection organization is devoted to raising public awareness of animal issues.

Site includes pages about the group's proactive media projects including their annual celebrity event Genesis Awards to promote positive coverage of animal topics.

Their motto is, "Promoting plant-based solutions for the future of the planet." The group's grass-roots campaigns include National Veal Ban Action, World Farm Animals Day, Great American Meatout, Industry Watch, CHOICE, and Letters from FARM.

Farm Sanctuary largest farm animal rescue organization in the United States, Farm Sanctuary operates farm animal rescue sites in New York and California as well as waging campaigns to stop exploitation of animals raised for food.

The web site provides education on their non-animal techniques for research and their program of eliminating vivisection and dissection in the classroom by offering alternatives.

This guide explains everything about vegan dating, from whether you should crush on a nonvegan, to where to go on a first date.This non-profit organization has helped hundreds of animals find adoption in good homes.Darwin Animal Doctors dedicated group of veterinarians is committed to providing free veterinary care in worldwide regions with no access to animal care services.They aim to stop the many cruel practices that cause animals to suffer needlessly. comprehensive website featuring social considerations of being a vegan, animal cruelty, issues around vegan foods, animal welfare organizations, vegan friendly websites, egg alternatives, and cruelty-free links.Born Free USA This organization focuses on ending the use and abuse of animals in circuses, in agriculture, science, education, marine life and wild life.The Animal Museum Animal Museum, formerly known as The National Museum of Animals & Society, is the first museum of its kind dedicated to enriching the lives of Animals and people through exploration of our shared experience.

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