What to put in your profile for online dating

Feeling squeamish about stating precisely what you want, need and believe? In honor of clarity, conviction (and love, love, crazy love) here are a few tips to help you write your next dating profile: Be bold. Blur out there face, or crop them out of the picture entirely.You may want to show them off because you’re a proud parent but a dating site full of strangers is not the place to do this.6.It expands your dating pool exponentially, opens you up to new experiences and people, and pretty much the entirety of the single (and some of the not-so-single) population is doing it. When I launched my business two and a half years ago, I had no idea what the response would be like, so I charged for a complete makeover. This is your romantic life that we’re talking about.

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In a part of the picture file you can't see with your eye, there is likely hidden information, known as metadata. One piece of metadata that you need to worry about is the photo’s geotag.

Check out our article on What Not To Post While on Vacation for more reasons this information could be used against you.

Consider turning off your dating site's location-tracking feature for the reasons mentioned above.4.

Here Are 7 Things You Shouldn’t Post on Your Online Dating Profile:1.

But, if you aren’t careful, you can open yourself up to identity thieves, online scammers, dating site creepers, and much worse. It’s best to not post certain information on your online dating profile.

You can also turn this feature off on your phone so that tags never get recorded in the first place. Your Phone Number While this seems like a no-brainer, many folks freely give out their phone number in their profile, however, sometimes these profiles are scam dating profiles intended to lure you off of the dating site and onto another site run by the scammers. It could also be indexed by search engines which could also put you in spammers crosshairs.

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