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So it’s not about the money, it’s more about me and our kid coming to our senses where we can go ‘Right we actually f***ing like each other’ and at the moment we’re very two different people.He’s one side of the coin and I’m the other.'So me and him have to get back to liking each other before we even start f***ing talking about that.Someone needs to counteract that.'He told the publication that he had resisted the idea to go solo before now as he didn't want to be perceived as having broke up Oasis, in a subtle dig at brother Noel.'I just don't want to to be tarred with that brush,' he said. And I'm here to do that.' Liam (r) is pictured with former Oasis bandmate and brother Noel Oasis, who were responsible for chart-topping hits such as Wonderwall Champagne Supernova and Don't Look Back In Anger called it a day in 2009 after tensions between Liam and Noel reached breaking point.But one rocker that won't be joining him for Carpool Karaoke on his journey to work is former Oasis star Liam Gallagher, 44, as he has insisted there is 'no chance' he'll team up with fellow Brit James, 38, on his CBS series.

Liam's comments came as he is in the midst of promoting his solo career, with his new album titled As You Were set for release in October later this year.She's been in some of Hollywood's most memorable films, and on Wednesday, we got a sampler of them all.Julia Roberts, appearing The Late Late Show With James Corden, re-enacted a number of her most prolific parts alongside the nostalgic late night host in his Role Call segment.Also pictured is Oasis bass player Paul Mc Guigan (c)Asked about an Oasis reunion, Liam said: 'If me and [Noel] get back together as mates and as brothers and all that cycle then it’ll naturally happen, but at the moment it’s a f***ing bazillion light years man.'I don’t really like or care for what he’s f***ing about, and I’m sure he doesn’t really like or care for what I’m about, but I have no f***ing desire to be in a band with him, because he’s not the type of person I’d want to be in a band with.'And the Wall of Glass hitmaker won’t put a price tag on the band, as he says no amount of money will make him 'share a stage' with Noel before the pair have 'come to [their] senses' and put aside their differences.Speaking to Chris Moyles for a Facebook Live session with Radio X, Liam said: 'It depends man because it’s not that simple.When the 39-year-old host goes to ask Julia, 49, about her husband Daniel Moder, he went ahead and revealed his special nickname for him is “big d–k” – praising Daniel on being blessed below the belt.

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