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As a result of her marriage to Cleveland, she has adopted a third child, his son Cleveland Brown Jr.

He was formerly one of Peter Griffin's best friends in Family Guy and also owned and ran a deli.Seeing no reason to remain, Cleveland left Stoolbend and Donna behind.Despite many attempts at making their marriage work, Donna and Robert ended up separating due to Robert's heavy drinking and drug abuse, leaving Donna to raise their children alone.She is a talented and proud Recorder player and wears a wig that hides her gray hair. In "Mama Drama", it is revealed that her mother is Dee Dee Tubbs who was part of a musical group until she left Donna with Uncle Kevin.The two of them reunited by the end of the episode.However, she has shown to be willing to protect him from danger, such as when she saved him from an ax-wielding Donny in "A Nightmare on Grace Street" by throwing a wine glass at his head.

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