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They do not allow you to: If you are unsure about whether we can assess your qualification, please refer to our Frequently asked questions before contacting us.Fees must be paid online by Mastercard or Visa credit card only. Scanners can be accessed at some computer, digital, photographic and stationary retail stores, post offices, libraries and schools. We reserve the right to request the original documents which will result in delays to your assessment.An overseas Bachelor of Science may be compared to an Australian Qualifications Framework Bachelor Degree, but not specifically to an Australian Bachelor of Science to science subjects/units or scientific competencies.

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At the end of the online application, you will be able to print off a copy of the Declaration to sign. Name the PDF ‘[AEI Order Number] Declaration [Applicant’s first name][Applicant’s last name]’ e.g.AEI0XXXXX Documents John Smith An AEI Order Number will appear on your invoice which will be issued to you immediately after you have completed your online application and paid the fee.An AEI Order number starts with ‘AEI0’ and is followed by 5 digits (do not use the AEI Invoice number which starts with ‘AEII0’).1.We do not accept other electronic formats such as JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG or camera photos of documents.1.Create one single PDF containing scanned certified copies of the following documents in their original language and the English translation from an approved translator if the originals are not in English.The careers section will give you an idea of where the qualification can take you.

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