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TK went on to date Tania Jeffries (Faye Smythe) and Jennifer Mason (Sara Wiseman) but as 2010 ended, TK and Sarah readmitted their love and had a one-night stand before Sarah left Ferndale.

TK began to date Roimata Ngatai (Shavaughn Ruakere) in the following months but was shocked when Sarah returned, pregnant with his child.

Instead, Trina began dating TK much to his disgust.

It turned out Hayden was a part of the human trafficking industry, and Trina was one of the prostitutes he used to work with.

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TK brought back a young woman called Trina, who had helped him look after Tillie but also has a dangerous past.

When Trina's obsessive ex-boyfriend Hayden turned up, he aggressively wanted her back.

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In 2012 TK accepted the role of head of the Emergency Department from Maxwell Avia (Robbie Magasiva).

The hospital staff were shocked in November when Roimata was sexually assaulted and TK was continuously harassed by an anonymous attacker.

Also involved was Lucy Rickman's father, Glenn Rickman, who has been dealing with Hayden financially.

TK continued to try and protect Trina, but when she was taken by Hayden, TK decided to come to her rescue and ended up being brutally beaten down by a bunch of Hayden's employees.

TK supported Sarah through her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and their happiness at Sarah's pregnancy was short lived when she was forced to have a termination after the fetus proved to be ill.

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